WK 5, HCS 370: DR 1

Substantive response. Please further discussion. End response with question.

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Respond to the following:
Juanita Duncan
8:01 PM

What are some current trends in health care impacting organizational change? Provide specific examples.

EMR technology changes in a healthcare organization during implementation.
The need for a change in EMR technology in a healthcare industry had become very important for the organization, employees, and patient care; however, it is difficult to embrace change, especially a change in technology if the change is not properly communicated. When organizations communicate effectively the need for the change, the employees are less bound to resist the change. However, in the changing process the Healthcare workers were not fully involved and did not fully understand all the benefits and functionalities of the system. This type of resistance need to be put into perspective; an issue such as this can affect the organizational goals, and if leadership fails to recognize and address that resistance, it can derail a change process completely and eventually lead to a failed organization.

What do you see happening with these trends in the future?

EMR is used to store and access patient healthcare information electronically (HIMSS, 2010). These patient records are generated when patients interact with the healthcare facilities and providers through patient care. EMR is an application environment that is composed of the clinical data repository, clinical decision support, controlled medical vocabulary, and order entry among others.
Nurses / Healthcare workers are the first to initiate EMR before the Physicians sees the patients. If any changes occur technically within the EMR, they should be informed and attend training classes to understand their new responsibilities and any changes of how data is to be input. It is important that technological changes meet the needs of medical practitioners, patients, healthcare workers, organizational leaders, and government agencies.
Adeyemi, O. A. (2017). Organizational change and how it affects healthcare employees: A study on employee resistance to change in electronic medical record implementation (Order No. 10602795). ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global, n/a.