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Competency 2 – Estimates future financial outcomes using discounted cash flow analysis.
Comprehensive Financial Statement Problem – Part 2
Complete the second part of the final demonstration of mastery related to Competency 2 content; using the financial statement for selected company, analyze discounted cash flow and net present value; complete a forecasting analysis for five years.

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For the company you used in Competency 1 (Khols) , calculate the data necessary to analyze the discounted cash flow and the net present value.
Complete a five-year financial forecast for the company.
Present this data so that corporate leaders, stockholders, and the public can understand it. This should be in both numeric/table and graph (such as bar graphs, histograms, etc.) form.

For assistance on creating graphs and charts in Excel, please see one of the following tutorials

How does this data add to the story from Competency 1? What new information did you learn about the company? How does this add to or change the ideas you have about the company’s financial status? What suggestions do you have for the company for moving forward. 
Cite any sources used in APA format.
5 sources with one being from the Holy Bible