When Van West first arrived in Mexico

When Van West first arrived in Mexico, his VP Hernandez seemed like his most valuable ally. Now, his contributions are in question. As his boss, how could Van West motivate Hernandez to improve his performance consistent with the local culture? Assume you are meeting with Hernandez to address his performance. https://coolassignment.com/2021/05/25/primary-discussion-response-is-due-by-friday-115959pm-central-peer-response-2/ Develop an improvement plan that takes into account his abilities and attitudes as well as your responsibilities as his manager. Thank you for the feedback. I really like the carrot stick approach and have never heard of that before.
I am going to need to explain to Hernandez that the company is not happy with their location’s performance and that the floor workers are not the only one’s who need to fear for their job. Hernandez and I ( Van West) are also under the microscope and may be replaced or demoted. I will then introduce an objective https://bestofassignment.com/business-and-management-entrepreneurship/assignment-descriptionthis-is-an-individual-well-structured-and-well-referenced/ plan for the both of us setting different goals that we should want to meet by a certain deadline. In that plan I will introduce different tips and tricks to help us achieve those goals and those will consist of the expected work that Hernandez should be doing to bring up his performance in the work place.

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I will then go on to explain that if we are able to achieve these goals that I have set for the both of us, then the company will realize how we are a great leadership and we were able to turn things around and that only benefits us in the end when it comes down to career and compensation growth. If I can alter the performance plan idea and include myself as well. Hernandez will hopefully look into this as a power move for the both of us.
The idea would be for him to see that I am not only looking out for myself but him as well just like he did for me when I first moved to Mexico City. Like you said ” And if the team is doing poorly, YOU shoulder most of the responsibility” This is not only on Hernandez it is on Me as well so I need to check my performance and do better If I want to succeed. https://homeworkhelpersblog.com/first-select-any-one-of-the-major-world-religions-that-you-may-encounter-in-you-2/Thank you !