US history PPT project

 I’m doing “Environment Movement” and “Rise of internet in social media 2000 prenstial”

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Project Requirements: 
1.  PowerPoint.  Each group will create a PowerPoint that presents THREE different social movements.  The presentation will be unique and original and will include photographs that represent the social movements.  You will also present the different media requirements on your PowerPoint. 
2. Media.  Your group will use THREE different media sources to present and summarize your social movement.  These samples will be presented to class on the day of the presentation and will be a part of your PowerPoint.   One medium MUST be a SONG.  You will have a sample of the song for the presentation (for the class to listen to) and you will analyze the lyrics (on the PowerPoint).  The song and the other media samples MUST RELATE to your social movements.   

Other types of media samples: newspaper article, political/editorial cartoon, poetry, literature, movie clip, television show clip, and visual art.  The song plus two other samples equal three media samples total. 

3.  Written analysis.  The group will submit (to the teacher) a TWO-page (typed, double spaced) analysis of the social movements that the group researched.  The analysis will summarize the events and beliefs of each social movement and the analysis will explain how the media samples relate to movements.  

All citations must be documented in a MLA works cited page.