Unit 1 Discussions

We all consume resources, but different behaviors can affect the environment to various extents.  Calculate your ecological footprint using the footprint calculator located in the Readings and Resources.  Once you have calculated your footprint, please share how many earths you would need to sustain your lifestyle.  Discuss which areas ranked the highest and reflect upon why footprints in a highly developed country are higher than those in a less developed country.  

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Unit 1 DB: Ethical Dilemmas (BUS340 Business Ethics)
First, provide your definition of an ethical dilemma.  Then, describe an ethical dilemma you experienced in your past and how you handled it. 
Respond to no fewer than two of your peers’ posting to build on the discussion. 
Unit 1 DB: Introductions (ENG 110: College Writing)
For this discussion board, please complete the following:
Initial Response:

First Paragraph: Introduce yourself to the class in one paragraph with a brief explanation about your      feelings regarding writing coming into the class. You can also include a description of your hobbies and interests.
Second Paragraph: Now, we are going to practice some narrative writing that you can use in your Unit 1  personal essay.

Write descriptively, using the five senses, about one place that has influenced you in a positive way. You should use descriptions and details to paint a clear picture of this place.

Unit 1 Discussion: Perception (ENG110 Into to Communication)
In this unit, you are learning about how perception affects social situations. Schemata such as prototypes, personal constructs, stereotypes, and scripts can all influence how we communicate. Find an example in the media (commercial, scene in a movie/TV show, etc.) that features two or more of these schemata, and how it influenced the social situation in the media clip.
Unit 1 DB: Psychological Perspectives(PSY101 – Fundamentals of Psychology)
The job of a Psychologist is to describe, explain, predict, and possibly change behavior.  Toward this end, different psychological perspectives have emerged in order to explain behavior.  These include the neuroscience, psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive, and humanistic perspectives.  Describe three (3) of these perspectives and illustrate each perspective by using an example from everyday life.  Which perspective do you think has the most relevance in today’s society, and why?
Be sure to provide the URL link(s) and/or title(s) to any resource used as reference in your post.