Create a table that shows all of the possible IT security (Cyber, Information, and Physical) certifications.
Highlight six of the certifications that you have chosen to take, as well as any you have already completed (indicate results). Include columns indicating the name of the exam, the date you will begin study, and the date you plan to write the exam. Your dates should be reasonable in terms of study time and spacing of exams to ensure success. Include columns to indicate where the exam will be held, what organization proctors the exam, and what study materials you will need to have available. Indicate also the total cost of all study materials and the exam itself. Also indicate other considerations such as the penalty (wait time) before you can write the exam again.
When you are finished, you will have a plan for certification.

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Under the table create one paragraph that explains the importance to you of following the plan in terms of becoming a fully certified IT security professional ready to begin your career.
Create a second paragraph indicating the importance of continuing professional development once you are employed. Discuss further certification, study, and conferences which will be important to your career.paper should be 2–3 pages in length