TK: Human Development Theory Paper

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The purpose of this paper is for you to demonstrate your ability to apply theories from class to your own life and explore how you have developed some understanding of origins of your own behaviors and beliefs.  
To begin this self-exploration paper, choose one of the following developmental stages in your life: (Young Adulthood)
– Emerging adulthood
– Young adulthood
– Middle adulthood
A. Describe how your physical and social development fit, or did not fit, the developmental milestones that we read about in our required readings associated with the stage that you selected. Use stories and describe major events and other sources of significant influences such as people to explain. Cite the reading source (e.g., textbook and or articles) and apply the source(s) to explain what you write. 
B. Next, apply two of the theories that we studied this semester to explain what was happening in your life during the developmental stage that you chose to review. Support and cite your points with the content from our reading. 
C. Finally, explore and explain how the developmental period in your life that you chose to explore has influenced your current identity. Consider your gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic experiences and/or racial and ethnic identities as applicable. Again, support and cite with content from our reading. 
The information you provide about yourself is entirely confidential. My evaluation of your paper will be based on:
· The completeness of your paper
· Your apparent understanding of two of the theories of human development
· The extent to which your paper reflects the themes and concepts studied in this course
· Your critical analysis of your development during one stage of your life as a human being
· The quality of your writing, organization, and mechanics
· Correct use of APA formatting – be sure to organize your paper using APA headings. An abstract is NOT required. 
Use your textbook and other content from our course readings to complete this assignment. You DO NOT and should not use other sources. 
The paper should be approximately 5-6 pages in length. Do not forget to use full APA formatting!