Stock Analysis

The Course Project provides students with the opportunity to apply technical analysis measurements they learned throughout the course to a stock that trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or the NASDAQ, interpret the data, and make a buy or sell recommendation based on their interpretations
Topic Selection
Each student will, as part of the course requirements, submit a research paper on an individual stock. You must select a stock no later than Sunday of Week 1 for the instructor’s approval. You are allowed to select any stock that trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or NASDAQ. Each week, you should make comments and gather information on your stock relative to the concepts being discussed. Remember that you must submit your paper at the end of Week 7.

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Final Paper
Your Final Paper should meet the following criteria.
Structure: The paper should be three to four pages; however, substantial content will be weighted more than length. The content should be in a 12-point Times Roman font.
Content: The paper must include the following five sections.

The background of the company with a lifecycle analysis
An analysis of Return on Equity
The company’s projected future growth rate of earnings
An analysis of its required rate of return using the CAPM measurement
The company’s intrinsic value using the discount valuation techniques

Describe the competitive forces in the industry, including the company’s relative advantages and disadvantages to its competitors, and include a discussion on ROE as the basis for growth. This analysis should include demographic trends. Do not just state that “GE has grown at 10% in the past and will again in the future.” You should explain why you think that GE can grow 10% (for instance, because you think its products will appeal to a certain demographic that is growing at X%). Given the outcome of your research and technical analysis, you will provide a buy or sell recommendation and estimated price target.