Social Media Discussion

You will all participate next week in a Communications Conference as part of the Week 8 forum discussion. Everyone will be presenting on a communications topic and be audience members for the presentations provided by others. NOTE: Forum 8 requires you to post a presentation by Thursday midnight of Week 8. Look ahead to the requirements for that presentation and begin NOW researching and planning!Your company is hosting the Communications Conference. As a presenter, you have been asked to help promote it. Your company and you personally have a social media presence on many different platforms, and you know that other professionals who might participate in the Communications Conference are followers.

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Participate in BOTH of the following discussion threads this week:
Thread 1
Using text and/or visuals, before Thursday midnight, post at least ONE message encouraging participation in next week’s communications conference.
You can focus on encouraging participation in the entire conference OR just on participating in your specific planned presentation for next week.
Here are details about the conference, all or some of which you may want to mention:

It is virtual, free, and open to all professionals.
It will happen next week with presentations starting by Thursday midnight and audience participation continuing until Sunday midnight.
It has specific tracks and topics (see the Week 8 Discussion for that list).

Be creative! For instance, you are welcome to create a conference hashtag as part of your message! Of course, include images, audio, and/or video as needed as well. Follow these instructions for adding images, audio, and video. 
You can also up vote posts! Show with your up vote which social media posts in this thread you liked or really stood out to you.
Thread 2
Before Thursday midnight, discuss the strategies you used in Thread 1:

Which social media platform would your posting be most appropriate for (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and why? Why did you choose that social media platform for advertising the conference? 
What specific strategies did you use in your posting and why? How and why are those strategies usually successful in social media advertising? 
How did your posting accomplish one or more of the purposes of social media messaging, such as providing complete and correct information, building community, and/or branding?

Before Sunday midnight, respond to at least two others. Do you agree or disagree with the platform used? Do you suggest any additional strategies to accomplish the same purpose? Do you have additional examples from the real world that demonstrate the strategy?