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Assignment Steps:a. Data Analysis TechniquesWhich technique(s) could be used to analyze your data and explain why? Combinations include Descriptive stats with Inferential stats (when the null hypothesis (Ho) is rejected).

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Descriptive stats, Lind LO1-3.            If the entire population data was collected
Inferential stats, Lind L10-1, -2, -3      If the population data was sampled
Probability, Lind LO6-3, LO7-3            If a Frequency or Contingency Tables were used
b. Possible Solution (to the Opportunity)Provide the possible solutions and the one you recommend trying. Provide your rationale.

c. Evaluate Implementation SuccessWhat are your plans to check if your solution has worked? Review the Check and Act steps of the PDCA Cycle (ASQ, 2020).

d. Prepare about 12-slides using the PowerPoint presentation for the senior management team based on the business opportunity you described in Business Decision-Making paper.

Presentation Slides

Name and Description of the Company
Opportunity at that Company & Why the Business Opportunity is Essential
Research variable(s)
Collecting a Suitable Sample & Valid and Reliable Data
Descriptive Statistics: Numerical Measures and Graphical Measures
Data Analysis Techniques
Possible Solution (to the Opportunity)
Evaluate Implementation Success
References(this is usually necessary).
Include on the slides

What you would want the audience to see with appropriate visual aids and layout.
Speaker notes section to include what you would say as you present on Slides.
If any source material is quoted or paraphrased in the presentation, use APA citations and a reference slide.
Submit your presentation.

week 3 feedback
Hi Jeremy,
I reviewed one document previously and the second one now. I don’t see the relevance. How does this tie in with Fizzy Company in Week 2? 
I have attached all of your submissions. Put this together per the instructions within the I Word template.
Dr. Larry
week 4 feedback
Hi Jeremy,
This assignment is a portion of the total paper. In Wk 2, there was a good foundation. After that, there was no progression regarding the original topic.
Dr. Larry