Short Essay – 2 Pages

Essay Writing Tips
Choose either Topic A or Topic B or Topic C. To answer these topics completely, it takes a minimum of 2 pages – 8-10 paragraphs.  A complete, thoughtful answer is more important than word count.
Topic A:
What is the fallacy of Straw Man? How is it different than simply disagreeing with someone else’s point of view?Use the material in Vaughn’s book to help you give a detailed explanation of what the mistake in a Straw Man is. To demonstrate your understanding and to teach the idea to the rest of the class, provide a  relevant real-life example of the logical mistake. ( You MAY use an outside source to help you present your example; be sure to summarize or paraphrase, cite, and use announcing verbs.) Choose carefully – consider whether your example does a good job of illustrating a Straw Man. Compare it to similar fallacies, and show why your example is a Straw Man rather than another fallacy like an Appeal to the Person, Red Herring, or Appeal to Popularity. The discussion of your example should be detailed so that readers can evaluate the fallacy. Argue the case for why your example is an example of Straw Man.

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Topic B:
Describe Clifford’s view or other arguments against believing in God without sufficient evidence. Describe William James’ response to this “evidentialism” in his essay “The Will to Believe.” Why does James think belief in God is justifiable? How do critics of James, like Michael Martin, respond to Jame’s view that we should believe in God based on personal “religious experience”?
Topic C:
Describe the Buddhist four noble truths. Relate these, especially “dukkha” (suffering), to the Buddhist beliefs in “anicca” (impermanence) and “anatta” (no-self).