school achievement data in the area of reading or mathematics from a specific school in a school district. After reviewing the data, you are to develop a plan to increase achievement in this area. You should begin your work by giving an introduction that includes demographics and other pertinent school information. The plan should promote student achievement and emphasize academic rigor. Be sure to include the following as sub headings:
1.         Strategies: Identify strategies for building school wide commitment to using data

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2.         Assessment Data: Organize the school’s assessment data (state test, end of course testing, alternate assessment data, etc.) in chart format

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3.         Analysis: Analyze data to determine areas of strengths and weaknesses
4.         Achievement Gaps: Identify achievement gaps based on sub groups. Sub groups should include, if available: English Language Learners, free or reduced lunch, exceptional student
5.         Learning Goals: Develop learning goals tied to the common core standards or state standards to address areas of need
6.         Closing the Gap: Identify strategies for addressing problems and/or closing the gap that include but are not limited to professional development and interventions
7.         Evaluation:  Identify data needed to evaluate instructional strategies on a periodic and ongoing basis
8.         Communication Plan: Develop a plan to communicate information to teachers, parents and the community
9.         Conclusion: Conclusion which summarizes the key points 
10.      Please use relevant sources and scholarly references to support your plan.