SCMG201 week 2 project need by sunday

Assignment Instructions
Week 2 Project 1: PowerPoint Presentation 
Course Objectives:

CO1: Appraise the stages, activities, and organizational functions important to a successful supply chain network.
CO2: Examine current trends in supply chain management (SCM) shaping how supply networks are designed and managed
CO3: Evaluate the four building blocks of a supply network strategy and how they work together to form an effective supply chain

Assignment Prompt:
This week’s project involves to create a PowerPoint Slide Program that introduces, explains, and evaluates one of the following subjects (your choice):

The interaction of products, funds, and information in an effective supply chain network
The differences between a product-oriented and service-oriented supply chain network
Trends impacting today’s supply chain network and management
The importance of cooperation and coordination between different organizational functions within a supply chain network
The characteristics of a competitive supply chain network

The slide program should have:

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A minimum of 12 slides (more will be needed for better detail and a better. . .)
A template appropriate to Supply Chain Management
An introductory slide that informs your audience of the subject
Art, photographs, clip art, and graphics to enhance every slide
Your slides should refer to a minimum of 3 references.  Cite and reference (on the last page) according to APA 6
Use bullet lists, not long paragraphs
Insert speaker’s notes at the bottom of each page to expand on and explain your main points.
Include a summation slide at the end that tells your reader what key points they should take away from the presentation.

Please review the attached grading criteria prior to beginning this assignment
Project 1 is due by this Sunday midnight.  Use the following file saving convention JSmith_Project1