Researched Argumentative Essay: Racism in Australia Football

The assignment: Write a 7-9 page proposal argument to help resolve a problem that you care about related to race, class, and/or gender. Make sure your proposal does the following:

Identifies and explains the problem clearly, including who is affected by the problem
Addresses a problem that is of consequence and of a manageable scale
Provides evidence for the seriousness of the problem and for ways to solve it, justifying these solutions over alternatives. You can use your experience, but also outside sources.
Is appropriate in both form and content to your purpose and audience.


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Research, Length, and Format Requirements

Research: A minimum of ten sources.
Length: 7-9 pages.
Format and Documentation: MLA style, 8th edition

Content Requirements

Provide a title that reflects the content of the essay and is not the assignment title. Your reader should a good sense of your argument based on the title.
The introduction should be tailored to your target audience. Consider, what evidence would be beneficial for the audience to hear first? What will engage them and entice them to read more?
Evidence for argument. The bulk of your essay should be made up of evidence for your argument. This evidence can come in many forms: statistics, studies, interviews, lived experiences, etc.
Like the introduction, tailor your conclusion to your target audience. Consider what parting thoughts you want the audience to leave with—what do you want them to think about later as they remember your essay?
Works Cited page. Provide a Works Cited page for any source you reference.