Reflection 2

Pick any 3 topics from chapters 8,9, 11 or 12 and write a reflection that is at least 900 words according to the guidelines below.
Reflection Guidelines

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“Responding” to the textbook, readings, class activities, and discussions is not the same as writing a summary. It may involve summarizing what the author/s have written, but it goes beyond that, to giving a personal response or reaction to the content of the text and other topics covered in the course. You are being asked to give your personal thoughts and opinions about the information and ideas presented by the authors in addition to demonstrating that you have a solid understanding of the concepts covered.

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Your reflection should be no shorter than 900 words. (Double spaced using 12 times new roman font with 1 inch margins all around.) The cover page does not count toward the minimum length.
As you read each chapter make notes about what you think are the main themes and ideas. You must include at least 3 concepts in your reflection. Particularly make note of points about which you feel strongly, either positively or negatively. Do the same after each class session. Try to write your responses as soon as possible after have read the chapter/article, even if you have to go back and modify your reactions after the topic has been discussed with the instructor or your peers. If you wait too long, you may forget the ideas and opinions about a given topic.
One half of the reflection should be a summary of the concepts you feel are the most important. You should demonstrate that you have knowledge of each concept by giving examples and detail. The other half should consist of your personal thoughts and opinions about the information and ideas you read about.