Prisoners of Silence Reflection Paper Autism

This assignment is a reflection APA paper on the video that is attached. The reflection paper must include the following:  

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 Easy to read, a topic introduced, organization clearly evident with proper introduction, body, conclusion.
 Each paragraph has a central idea; ideas are connected and paragraphs are developed with details; paper is easy to read and “flows” naturally in an organized pattern.
 Provide a thorough description of the background of FC (e.g., where it started, who brought it to the US, etc.) and answered the following questions: Why does facilitate communication and other pseudo-scientific approaches still get utilized even though they have been disproved? How would you approach a situation where someone suggested FC as a treatment? What would you do? 
 What harm has come from the use of this “treatment?” How was FC debunked? Although FC was publicly disproved it has reemerged. What are some other names FC has been called and why is that problematic?