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Migrant workers and immigrants
Severely mentally ill individuals
Substance abusers
Abused individuals and victims of violence
Persons with communicable disease
People at risk of disease transmission
Persons who are HIV positive
Persons with Hepatitis B virus
Populations at risk of a sexually transmitted disease
Other suggestions:
Battered/abused women
Women with high risk pregnancies
Women with no risk to prenatal care
Recovering substance abuse
Substance abuse
Community Research PowerPoint

Prepare a power point presentation that identifies each of the following.
Include and introduction, citation and reference slide.

I. Population; Describe in detail:

Socioeconomic status
Health/Lifestyle Behavior

II. Health Risks; Identify and explain:

Health promotion
Health risks
Specific health needs
Include what resources are required to ensure health

III. Resources; Identify and describe the following availability in the community

Resources to meet population need
Programs to meet population need
Services to meet population need

IV. Service Gaps/Interventions.

Identify services that are not currently available but would be valuable and improve outcomes for the vulnerable population. List as:      

Primary interventions
Secondary interventions
Tertiary interventions

V. Summary; Summarize research plans to address:

Health promotion
Health risks
Actual health issues

For this assignment, conduct a community observation to assess a vulnerable population. See the assignment details for complete assignment instructions.
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 Week 10 Assignment      Week 10 Assignment     Criteria Ratings         Pts              This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome   Populations Describe in  detail. Include all of the following criteria:  demographics, religion,  ethnicity, culture, employment, socioeconomic  status and  health/lifestyle behaviors             20 to >17.0 pts                   Exceeds Expectations 85% – 100% • Describe population  in detail, uses all criteria and/or includes additional  data.          17 to >14.0 pts                  Meets Expectations 70% – 84%  • Describe population including 75% of criteria.         14 to >0  pts                  Needs Work 25.5 pts                  Exceeds  Expectations 85% – 100% • Include health promotion needs, health risks,  and actual health issues for population.         25.5 to >21.0 pts                   Meets Expectations 70% – 84% • Include actual health  issues and risks, does not address health promotion needs.         21 to  >0 pts                  Needs Work 25.5 pts                  Exceeds Expectations 85%  – 100% • Identify  8-10 resources • All descriptions of resources are  detailed and accurate         25.5 to >21.0 pts                   Meets Expectations 70% – 84% • Identify  5-7 resources •  Most of the descriptions of resources  are detailed and accurate          21 to >0 pts                  Needs Work 25.5 pts                  Exceeds Expectations 85%  – 100% • Identify 5 or more services that would be helpful • Include  interventions from all 3 levels of prevention.         25.5 to >21.0  pts                  Meets Expectations 70% – 84% • Identify 3-4  services that would be helpful • Include interventions from 2 levels of  prevention.         21 to >0 pts                  Needs Work 25.5 pts                   Exceeds Expectations 85% – 100% • Comparison of the  vulnerable population is thorough and in depth. • Include all criteria  listed above.         25.5 to >21.0 pts                  Meets  Expectations 70% – 84% • Description of the vulnerable population is  superficial • Include 75% of criteria listed above.         21 to >0  pts                  Needs Work 8.5 pts                   Exceeds Expectations 85% – 100% • 1 or 2 grammar,  spelling, punctuation errors, and/or typographical errors. • All  references and citations in proper APA format.         8.5 to >7.0  pts                  Meets Expectations 70% – 84% • Minimal errors. •  Few typographical  errors • 75% or more of references and citations in  proper APA format.         7 to >0 pts                  Needs Work