PLEASE READ FIRST!!! paper and powerpoint

This assignment represents the capstone for healthcare management (HCM). With that in mind, you must consider all aspects of your coursework to synthesize a critically thoughtful and well-developed paper that demonstrates a strong business acumen. This assignment is being collected to represent the HCM capstone for assessment purposes.

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For this assignment, please select a healthcare organization or unit within a healthcare organization. Please chose from, DaVita Healthcare Partners Inc, Genesis Healthcare Inc, Kindred Healthcare Inc, Tenet Healthcare or a publicly traded healthcare organization. It is recommended that you chose a publicly traded healthcare organization, as publicly traded companies are required to provide the public with critical information that will help you write this paper. You are required to provide a paper, of no less than ten pages of content, and powepoint with five to ten pages, outlining a strategic plan for the organization/unit you selected. Your paper must include a detailed analyses of the external and internal environment (including stakeholders), finances, future competitive strategies, and implementation strategies. As well, you should be creative in your assessment of the organization/unit, making recommendations that would be appropriate to share with the organization/unit’s decision makers.
This is your masterpiece, so aim to impress.
All borrowed information must be cited in APA format, both in text and in reference.