Physical Geography Discussion (85 words)

Topic: UV Index
As you have learned from reading this chapter. UV radiation can be very harmful to humans, regardless of your skin tone. The ozone layer helps protect us against the harmful UV rays, which is why it is so important that we protect it from CFC’s and other pollutants that deplete it.  
For this discussion, you are going to determine what the UV index is for your city, review the guidelines for exposure, and reflect on if your actions are in line with the guidelines. See the specific directions below.  You only need to make one discussion post; you do not need to respond to any of your classmates.

To begin, go to the following website from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency): (Links to an external site.).
Enter your zip code in the blue box at the top of the page (directions are on the page) to find out what your UV Index is. If you are not currently living in the United States, feel free to use Huntington Beach’s zip code (90742) or the zip code of your favorite location in the US.

Primary Post: 

Write the city and zip code of the location you entered
Write the UV score you received for that day/time (1-11+)
Write the corresponding Exposure Risk Category i.e., Low, Moderate, High, etc… 
Summarize the comments or sun protection messages associated with this UV score (located in the table provided on the website).
Reflect on if you normally follow the above recommendations or not (this should be substantive: do you wear sunscreen? Are you conscious about what time of day you are outside? Do you purposely wear a hat to shade you from the sun? and if not, why not?)

No Secondary Post:
You do not need to respond to any of your classmates for this discussion.

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Your response must be substantive and a minimum of 85 words for full credit. See the rubric for this discussion in the Discussion Requirements section of the orientation module.