Philosophy 15

 Answer of the following questions in 100 words based on the attach document.1. Why does Camus describe Sisyphus in the classical myth, as an “absurd hero” (2)? Why is Sisyphus’ situation absurd for Camus? And why is he a “hero”?

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(Answer the question in your own words. Also find examples in the text).
2.  In Camus’ retelling of the myth, as Sisyphus goes back down the mountain following his ascension with the rock, Camus writes:    
“It is during that return, that pause, that Sisyphus interests me” (2).
Why is Camus the most interested in this period in the myth when Sisyphus descends the mountain? Why is this moment the most important for Camus, and for his ethical theory?
(Find examples in the text to support your answers). (2-3).
3. At the end of the reading, why does Camus write that:
“One must imagine Sisyphus happy” (4).
What is Camus’ main point by concluding his essay this way?
4. Finally, how do you interpret Camus’ essay in relation to the world today? Are there any parallels to our contemporary society? Also, what lessons might his ideas provide in relation to our own lives?
Think about the question critically and thoughtfully, and answer in your own words.