outline final paper and Writing assignment (750 words)

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**** topic chose is CIVIL RIGHTS LAW & POLICY
 The final paper covers the topics discussed and presented in the course. This assignment is due in Unit 7. See the grading rubric (Appendix A) for the final paper for more information.  Select one of the topics below to research and write a paper. At a minimum, you must address the following items with respect to your selected topic:
 o Explanation of your topic, including definitions of key terms and a detailed discussion of what your topic encompasses or includes. 
o A discussion of the current laws and public policies applicable to the topic. 
o Identify and discuss emerging policy issues related to the topic, including a detailed discussion of the factors or influences that specifically impact the policymaking process related to each issue.
 o A discussion of how someone with a Christian worldview should approach your selected topic and the emerging issues.
 o A discussion of your recommended course of action for future policy-making with respect to the emerging issues related to your topic. Be specific. 


Prompt: Assume there is a well-known terrorist group with strong ties to a government that is not friendly to the United States. The terrorist group has agents within the United States. The intelligence community is monitoring the activities and communications of those agents. U.S. government officials learn that the group is planning to use large quantities of small, autonomous drone aircraft in a swarming attack to try to damage a nuclear power plant near the U.S.– Canada border. Using these facts, discuss the following: (1) Is this a matter of national security, homeland security, or both? Explain your response in detail. Does it matter what label this situation is given? (2) Is U.S. security policy sufficiently well-developed in order to allow government agencies to respond to the threat? In what ways could the policy be improved? (3) What are the main constitutional and legal principles governing how U.S. government agencies can react in this situation? (4) Other than security policy, what other national policies are implicated by this situation, and how? Be specific.
Requirements: Minimum of 750 words in proper APA 7 format