Need Sunday @ 5:30pm Self-Reflection


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Self-reflection is an important part of the learning process. It helps you to retain information and to understand how you can apply what you’ve learned in new situations.
Reflection is the act of turning our focus inward, and studying our thoughts and actions, in an effort to improve ourselves. The reflection essay is somewhat informal, but you are still expected to abide by college-level writing guidelines and to use proper grammar and mechanics. 
Please write a short essay that evaluates the following:

What did you expect from the Project & Portfolio III course? Did this class meet your expectations? Explain your answer.
What skills did you use from previous classes? Which classes helped you prepare the most for success in this class?
What components did you build in this course that you plan to post on your portfolio website? What improvements do you plan on making to your portfolio website based on the feedback you received in this course?
How well have you met the requirements of the class? What are you especially proud of? What would you do differently if you could start the class over?
What is your biggest takeaway from this course?


Welcome to Project and Portfolio 3! This month you will be choosing a motion picture or music video that has been released within the past ten years to break down and analyze. You will figure out how it was made and lay it out as if you were the producer who originally pushed it forward: from the pitch to the scheduling and budgeting and more.
For example, you will put your marketing know-how to the test and create an infographic that visually explains the target audience for your project. This is a great piece of media to include in your digital portfolio to show off your design skills. Then, using your Excel skills, you will create a detailed production schedule and calculate a budget using standard union pay rates.
Each piece will eventually come together in the form of a one-sheet prospectus. You will use this piece of digital media to deliver a three-minute persuasive pitch at the end of the month, convincing your instructor why your project was worth making.
In addition to this project, you will also update your digital portfolio so that it’s ready to show to prospective employers. You will get feedback from your classmates and instructor to make sure your website showcases your unique skills in the best way possible.
Remember, after this class, you will officially enter your junior year and start your specialized track. Let’s show the world what you’re made of!