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Its important to see that these phylogenies are theories and subject to continual revision. After reviewing the concepts of phylogenetics, taxonomy and cladistics, search Google Scholar using the term taxonomic revision, renaming or reclassification and find an article where the authors talk about their work to modify or change the taxonomic grouping of a taxa. Be sure to identify the group being revised and the lead author of the study in the title of your post (eg Bond, Caribbean Flycatchers) and be sure to not select an article that has already been described. Read the abstract of the study and summarize in your own words:1. The reason for the reclassification (what new evidence emerged, new observations made, new tools used, etc).

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2. Where the group was originally classified taxonomically (eg in which kingdom, phylum, class etc)
3. Where the group was moved to taxonomically.
4. The old name of the group/taxa and the revised, or new name.

Discussion 4

Congratulations! You’ve been hired as head of marketing for Prokaryotes-R-Us, a global purveyor of all things prokaryote (including your microbiome). Amid the pandemic, microbes have gotten a bad rap and sales are in an unprecedented slump. Your job is to turn things around by writing a sales pitch extolling the virtues of these micro-mini-marvels of evolution. Start by searching the term “microbiome“.
Now define for your reader prokaryotes, and microbiome and explain why viruses are not prokaryotes (in your own words). Offer one benefits of a healthy human microbiome and one benefit of a healthy environmental microbiome.
Give an example of two super-helpful microbes, and sing their praises as heroes among our many microbial buddies. 
Title your post with a winning, catchy headline. This week, you will NOT be able to see the narrative of your classmates, until you post yours (and you may not edit once you post so make the first draft count!)
Discussion 5
First, draw a diagram showing the reproductive cycle of fungi. Diagram define and label the key sexual reproductive structures and events using these terms:


Second, write a short narrative drawing an analogy between the life-cycle of the fungi and a storyline of your choosing (a spy drama, political tale, fairytale, sci-fi story, soap opera, two person mini drama etc.) Make sure each term in all caps above would be likened to an event in that fictional paragraph (bold each term so I can easily find it).  Here are some starting points you may use:
“The alien ship landed in the woods, round, and silent as a SPORE. Its tentacles spread in all directions like MYCELIA, searching for others…..”
“I blew into town, the product of an ASEXUAL union. I needed a job, so I put out feelers, crisscrossing the neighborhood like HYPHAE searching for opportunity, slowly building a network like MYCELIAL threads. Then I saw him…”
“The nomads paddled up to an oasis and like a SPORE landing on rich soil , they set up camp. Scouts like HYPHAE went in search of food. Smoke on the horizon signaled a nearby village. Were they a suitable MATING STRAIN?”

Discussion 7
Watch the following videos about transpiration:   (13 min)   (2 min)  (4min)  (2min)
Post a story about Ronnie Raindrop’s journey through a vascular plant, starting with his descent from the heavens to the soil. In your tale, use all the terms, in the SAME order presented below. Please BOLD, UNDERLINE and number each term in your narrative. Don’t forget to give your story a catchy title!
1. Cloud
2. Precipitation
3. Soil
4. Root hair
5. Epidermis
6. Osmosis
7. Ground tissue
8. Vascular tissue
9. Xylem
10. Vessel element
11. Tracheid
12. Water potential
13. Root pressure
14. Trunk
15. Adhesion
16. Cohesion
17. Capillary action
18. Internode
19. Node
20. Leaf vein
21. Mesophyll
22. Cuticle
23. Guard cells
24. Stomata
25. Transpiration
26. Water vapor
27. Cloud
Now watch these videos about the Hydrologic Cycle: (10min 1st half)  (4min)  (2 min)  (3min)
Then reply to a classmate’s post with a tragic sequel to their story, in which Ronnie’s forest is razed to the ground leaving nothing behind but dry earth. Describe the fate of our hero when he is no longer able to travel up his beloved trees and down again as rain. Where does he go after the forest is gone? What is his ultimate fate? The goal here is to link the action of vascular plants to the environment.
Use TEN of the following terms in your tale being sure to bold and underline them! Don’t forget another catchy and descriptive title!
Fresh water
Salt Water

There is a powerpoint presentation that also needs to be done but I will upload the file so you can look over it and do