MS2 Goals

Workplace: worksite wellness coordinator for ABCD Enterprise, made up of a range of individuals (ages 20 to mid-60s):  
You have been tasked with creating a newsletter on a topic of: Increasing mobility

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The objective of my newsletter would be to increase the mobility of the employees at the workplace to encourage them to live healthier lives thus improving their level of energy as well as their concentration. 
The first SMART goal of the newsletter would be, “Empowering the employees to work from anywhere, by providing them with virtual sign-in details to increase their productivity in the workplace in the next one year.”
The second SMART goal would be, “Introducing frequent staff assessment in the workplace among the employees of all the departments to promote a results-oriented workplace and improve employee’s performance and productivity within the next six months.”
Assignment: Justify Goals: Explain why the SMART goals used in the newsletter are appropriate for the specific audience and intent of the newsletter and would help in measuring changes and knowledge of the target audience, supporting your claims with evidence. 
Submission: Word document. Include a short paragraph under the goal and SMART objectives, justifying each one. Use double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.