MKT660 DB1

 One of the key things I enjoyed researching and that can be extremely important in my career path is the importance of extensions to a given brand. Through research, it has become apparent that no matter how successful your brand is it’s possible to make bad extension decisions that result in failure. Whether it’s Amazon and its failing video games division, or as Vianna mentioned Colgate’s frozen entrees. Company’s like Apple have shown that extensions can shape and even grow a company through its iPhone, iPod and, iPad products. Apple’s method required them to make attempts at new products away from the usual PCs but also remained safe and familiar with them being tech-related. This was easily my favorite aspect to study and I hope to have more interactions with brand extensions in the future as it provides a sense of imagination and freedom in considering what could potentially be. 
Continue working with the brand and 3 countries in this post. Research and discuss why the product or product placement has been altered in the 3 markets. (AIU Database article database RESEARCH REQUIRED)

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Your analysis must be substantiated by research from articles in the library’s full-text databases. Use of consultant or other inappropriate sites is banned and may result in a zero for the assignment.

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Please do not use attachments; answers should be pasted or typed directly to the discussion board.
Since you are engaging in research, be sure to attribute your sources.