LU 1 marketing1100

  Find, cite and write a synopsis of a business article that illustrates a concept detailed in chapters 1-5Instructions on how to complete this assignment are available in the Assignment Instructions folder in the Learning Units Section in Blackboard, which is below

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Article Summary 
For this assignment you will find a current news article that relates to Marketing or Advertising. Issues in regards to these subjects frequently change, so the article cannot be over 4 years old. 
1. Read the article 
2. Write a 1 page summary of the article. In your summary you should include an explanation of how the article relates to our chapter readings for that week. Where appropriate, feel free to express your opinion regarding the subject. 
3. Use double spacing with Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman 12 font. Include your name, course number, and assignment information in the top left hand corner of the document. The name of the author, article, publication, and published date should be listed below your name and course information. If you found the article online also include the web address and date you accessed the article. For example: 
Susie Student
MKTG 1100 or MKTG 1190
Hill, K (2013, August 21). Use Of Ad Blocking Is On The Rise. Forbes. Retrieved from
Assignments that do not include this information will not be accepted for credit. 
4. Some articles might be presented at the beginning of the assigned class period so be prepared to discuss your article. If you arrive late to class you will not be allowed to present your article. 
5. Submit a digital copy of your summary via the course site drop box.  
Below is a list of suggested publications and think tanks for finding articles: 
– Business Week – 
– Fortune Magazine – 
– – 
– Forbes – 
– The Wall Street Journal – 
– Money Magazine – 
– Savannah Morning News – 
– Atlanta Journal Constitution –
– The Economist – 
– AdAge – 
– The American Marketing Association – 
Social Media web sites are also good places to find articles: 
 Mashable – 
 Digg –