lab 3.2

Lab #3-2 Building off Discussion Question 3.3 (Shell Scripting)
Due: Sunday, End of Module by 11:55 p.m. EST
In this lab, you will learn how to create shell scripts using the Bourne Shell Scripting language. The student will have to do research on the Bourne Shell Scripting language and then write a script that asks the First Name , Last Name, Age, and Country of origin of the student and then print out these items in a statement Then the students will write a 3 to 4-page paper (not including the title and references pages) describing how the process was carried out in the lab.  The students will then post the report to Moodle and print the report out and put it into their lab notebooks. Make sure you use APA format and adhere to the writing rubric.
Writing Requirements

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3–4 pages in length  (excluding cover page, abstract, and reference list)
Include at least 2-3 peer-reviewed sources that are properly cited
APA format, Use the APA template located in the Student Resource Center to complete the assignment.
Please use the Case Study Guide as a reference point for writing your case study.

Grading Criteria:

This assignment will be graded using the UOTP Writing Rubric displayed below.