Human Behavior & Judiciary CRJ-554 Course Project

Please utilize the attached biblography and draft to complete the Course project and include the guidelines listed below in the paper.

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For the Course Project, you will be completing a research paper that must be a minimum of 1700 words. The Course Project that will focus on the applied as well as the theoretical issues related to your topic. This course builds on your current knowledge in the field and emphasizes the practice of forensic psychology. The Course Project provides you the opportunity to develop an indepth understanding of a specific aspect of the practice of forensic psychology. 
Discuss legal issues or summary clearly identified as required in the assignment. 
Before submitting the final paper, describe the problem or issue you hope to address and
provide the scope of your scholarly paper.
Mention the opportunities for future research.
Provide references and examples in your scholarly paper.
Follow APA guidelines for writing and citing sources.
Review the rubric to make sure you have met all the expectations
In your final scholarly paper, examine carefully the following points:

What is your analysis of the principal problem or issue you hope to address?

What are the results from your literature review that will help you address the

How will you apply the results of your literature review, and what will it do for you or

What are the criteria for evaluating and interpreting the information distilled through
your literature review? 
The final Course Project must be submitted to the Drop Box for turnitin.