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I need help with 2 assignments for a Proposal Argumentative Essay. I have attached the first assignment which is a worksheet that helps to outline the essay with research and citing. The 2nd is the Proposal Argumentative Essay. The essay needs to be no less than 750 words MLA style with a reference page for cites.  I chose to do the paper based on my career path as an entrepreneur starting a Performing Arts After School Program. 

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Here is an example of what I wrote for the first paragraph to give you an idea of what I want the topic to be. Feel free to tweak it. 
Over the past few years, many public schools have eliminated performing art programs in their schools; whether it is for an elective or after school activity. With its high demands on testing, school boards have increased the efforts in preparing students for state exams, and decreased budgeting for extracurricular activities and class electives such as performing art programs. What many people fail to realize is that art programs have the potential to enhance many different skills that could help improve grades and testing abilities. Furthermore, an arts education can also help a student to improve self-esteem and social skills. With this knowledge of learning about the benefits of performing art programs, there would be an improvement on each schools academic grade. With this knowledge of learning about the benefits of performing art programs, I developed my own performing art company.