HN510 Unit 8 PowerPoint Assignment

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HN510 Unit 8 Power Point Assignment
Human service professionals are expected by the NOHS Standards for Ethical Behavior to advocate for social justice. In this project, you will be researching contemporary social justice issues and choosing one as a focus on your project. After describing the issue and its impact on the affected population, you will create a plan of advocacy to eradicate the issue. 

Choose one issue as the focus for your project. 
As a team, create a PowerPoint® presentation based upon your research. 
The presentation should follow this general outline:
· Introduction: presenting thesis and purpose of presentation
· Begin by describing the issue you have chosen.
· Discuss in detail the impact this issue has on the affected population(s).
· Create a plan to advocate for the improvement in, or complete eradication of, this issue. Be specific with the action items in your plan.
· Conclusion: reviewing main points and summarizing presentation
· References: slide(s) with APA formatted references for all sources used in the preparation of the presentation 
Please keep the following expectations in mind: 
· A minimum of 15 slides (not counting title and references slides)
· A Title slide with a title that clearly indicates the topic of the presentation
· Include a script on each slide detailing what would be said during an actual presentation
· The slides should be easily read
· If images are used, they should be properly referenced
· A minimum of four academic or scholarly sources (not including of the textbook) must be used

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