1.   Individuals who investigate and process a crime scene must follow a logical workflow of evidence collection and scene processing. What issues would make collecting all the evidence at a crime scene particularly challenging? Discuss some common misconceptions regarding the control and directions of crime investigations and the use of forensic support services.

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2.    Give examples of applications in which comparison procedures can be used in investigative situations. What are some limitations of the various comparative disciplines in forensics? Discuss ways in which forensic analyses may lead to a conclusion but not to a suspect. 

3.     Identify the preservation and collection of the various types of biological evidence, including challenges involved with the collection of DNA evidence. In a minimum of 175 words, discuss whether private security should be given access to forensic scientific methods inclusive of DNA tracking. 

4.     Forensic anthropologists and entomologists examine decomposed remains and rates of decomposition during death investigations. In a minimum of 175 words, explain how these professionals aid in determining the time and cause of death. Include factors that affect the rate of a body’s decomposition, as well as algor, livor, and rigor mortis in your response.