Fitness Project

You may use some of the exercises on the sample work-outs on the fillable sheet, but the program should be your own unique program.  Use the fillable sheet.  Delete the sample exercises and replace with your exercises.  Start with exercises that you are currently doing now.  If you play any sports, include those activities.  If you aren’t currently doing any exercises, choose activities that you might enjoy that would fit into your schedule.  Be as practical as possible.  If you don’t have two hours a day to work-out, then devise a shorter work-out.  You don’t have to be doing any of the exercises, but it would be nice if you are at least doing some.  Make sure that you meet at least the threshold of training (FIT) for cardio, flexibility, and strength/muscular endurance.  You must include exercises for all of these three major categories.  Make sure you warm-up the body for at least 2-5 minutes prior to any stretching including any stretching you do for your warm-up.  You don’t have to stretch as part of your warm-up, but if you do, make sure you warm-up the body first by doing some brief cardio activity such as a fast walk, an easy jog, jumping jacks, etc. that would cause you to break a light sweat.