Fitness Plan

Each fitness program must be designed to meet the needs of your body, schedule, and fitness goals. Certain physical limitations, time commitments, preferences, and goals will provide the basic structure of your fitness training program. Once you have identified your needs and goals, you can construct a fitness plan that will be effective and convenient. A well-rounded fitness program will consist of both cardio and strength routines, and will vary from week to week. You will occasionally need to alter the type or increase the intensity of workouts to continue to see results.  1 List a goal: weight loss, muscle strength, cardiovascular endurance, body building, sport training. Please include NUTRITION in your work out plan!

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2 Having a goal will dictate the type of exercise you should build into your plan, amount of time and whether your plan will include dietary changes.
1 EXAMPLE: If your goal includes weight loss, strength training is essential to boost metabolism rates and burning more calories.If your fitness goals are targeted at an athletic event, such as a marathon, your program will include interval training. 
Limitations: Do you have any limitation? Injury, health issues
Time: The plan should last for one month! 
Include the type of workout you will need to match your goal. (circuit, weight training etc.)

Include your favorite cardio routines (jump ropes, walking, jogging, biking, playing a sport, swimming)
Develop a repertoire of strength building routines.
1 Dumbbells, machines, exercise balls, resistance bands.
2 If working out at home, invest in resistance bands or dumbbells or use body resistance such as push-ups, yoga or workout videos