Expository Writing 2. M.1.5 – “Discuss an Issue” Essay Draft ~~COMPLETED/DELETE~~

MLA format, no grammar errors, No Plagiarism at all please. List Ref. 

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College officers look at both how intelligent and how creative your answer to this type of question is.  They want to see your ability to think outside the box.  

Here’s an example from Denison University: “Do you believe there’s a generation gap?  

Describe the differences between your generation and others.”

The focus is to write about your views on a topic.  Even though this is a creative piece, make sure to back up all your points with facts and intelligent explanations.  Don’t take the creativity too far.  

Here are a few questions to help guide your answer:

Discuss some issue of personal, local, national, or internation concern and its importance to you.
What about you, your experience, or your upbringing has made this issue resonate for you? 
Why do you care about this issue?
Be sure to write about both sides of the issue to show that you can think objectively and logically.  

As you begin writing your rough draft, keep in mind the following criteria:

Typed, Times New Roman, Double Spaced, 12 pt. font
1 inch margins all around
MLA heading (click on Purdue Owl to see the correct MLA heading format)