Explore MySQL Workbench

For this assignment, you must use MySQL Server and MySQL Workbench  (two software components) to perform a few basic tasks. MySQL Community  Server is the Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) that can  store multiple working databases on your computer within a single  system. MySQL Workbench is a graphical design and management tool used  to create and manage working databases in MySQL.
To complete this assignment and others in this course, you must first  install MySQL Community Server and MySQL Workbench on your computer.  Refer to the user guide, and installation video for your operating  system (Windows or Mac) provided in this week’s resources.
Complete the following tasks:

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Add a new connection called MyFirstConnection in the SQL Development  Module in MySQL Workbench and take a screenshot that shows your new  connection in MySQL Connections.
Go to https://www.mysqltutorial.org/mysql-sample-database.aspx  and  download MySQL Sample Database to your computer, unzip the file.
In MySQL Workbench, go to File à Run SQL Script. Select the file  mysqlsampledatabase.sql from step 2. Leave the Default Schema Name and  Default Character Set fields blank, then select Run.
Either refresh the Workbench or exit and return. Once you have  refreshed (or reopened) MySQL Workbench, select the Schema tab. Notice  the classicmodels schema in the left navigation pane. Take a screenshot.
Expand the classicmodels schema in the left navigation pane then  expand Tables within the schema. Right-click on any of the tables, then  choose Select Rows – Limit 1000. Take a screenshot.
Open a Word document and insert your screenshots. Please be sure and  label each of your screenshots in the document to show which part of  the assignment each screenshot is supposed to fulfill.
In your Word document, list the entities for classicmodels and at least three attributes from the table you chose above.
Please be sure and add a standard assignment title page at the beginning of your Word document.

Length: Number of pages varies with screenshots.