Excel Project

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After you download the Excel Analysis Data file associated with this assignment, please look through the data, and then respond to the following questions that are used to assess your Information Literacy skills. This assignment asks you to think about when analysis tools like Charts, Filter & Sort, and PivotTables are useful for business decisions.
Erica Wagner, your boss, sends you this Excel file and gives you the following information. She says she wants your analysis when she returns from a conference next week.
“Once you organize this data set. I need you to analyze the 18-19 academic year (summer, fall, winter, spring) enrollment by course and term. I am giving a presentation to the new Provost in an attempt to convince her to invest more money in the undergraduate business program because we are growing both online and on campus. I think the following stats will be convincing:

Popularity of our undergraduate classes (numbers 100-499, please exclude 400-410 course numbers)

By concentration and BA core
Fill rate and total enrollment

What term/meeting day is the most popular and which is the least?

Fill rate and total enrollment

What is the ratio of ground campus classes versus online courses?

By concentration and BA core

While you are running these calculations, see what else you can interpret from the data that should also be included in my talk.

Tell me what the data is of so I know your not a bot