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INSTRUCTIONS:   The focus of your paper will be to examine the primary documents that form the basis of the question.  However, you may certainly use any relevant information from either your textbook or in-class lectures to help support your answer.  Any citations MUST BE in MLA format.  Your paper WILL  BE double spaced (no hand written papers), and you will use a font no larger than Arial 10pt, Cambria 11pt, or Times New Roman 12pt. Be sure to include an introduction with a clear thesis statement and argument points, well thought out analysis, proper references, and a neatly worded conclusion.  LENGTH = @ 4 PAGES.
The Topic:

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· An uprising by discontent frontiersmen in the Virginia Colony during the year 1676 has since become known as “Bacon’s Rebellion.”  On the surface, the disagreement between Nathaniel Bacon and Governor William Berkeley would seem to be a simple one.  Bacon claims the Governor is abusing his power, saying the Governor “hath traitorously attempted, violated, and injured His Majesties interest here”.  Gov. Berkeley claims Bacon is just mad he isn’t getting special favors, saying he himself has “lived 34 years amongst you, as diligent and uncorrupt as a governor ever was”. Who makes the better argument?  Does either one have the best interests of the “people” in mind?  There is no RIGHT answer here.  Papers will be submitted that support both sides of this debate.  Your goal here is to evaluate the evidence yourself and come to your own conclusion. Please provide at least THREE (3) quotes from Nathaniel Bacons Challenge-1685.pdf Actions to support your argument.