English Composition Discussion

Respond to peer main posts with replies of 100-150 words each.In two paragraphs,

Respond to the peer research process and the tip or fact that was described from the reading. Comment on your experience in the area or methodologies of research the peer posted.
Evaluate the peer search terms. Are they specific enough?  What results do you expect the search terms to yield? Suggest at least two additional search terms or refinements for those terms already listed and explain why these additions may be useful.

Odalys Rivera,

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      What I have learned and have implemented in a research paper in the past is freewriting. As mentioned by (Bullock, 2019, p. 482) “Freewriting, listing, clustering, and looping are all good ways of tapping your knowledge of your topic.”  Freewriting helps to bundle all your ideas into an unorganized way that can be looked at and later analyzed to take from it. For example, I would brainstorm but write every idea down, big, or small and take what I have written and highlight what can be taken as a good question or idea to begin your paper, almost like “organized chaos”.
      For this course I have taken my first initial way of brainstorming and have taken it to the next level by asking research questions. A perfect way to start a research question, also mentioned (Bullock, 2019, p. 483) in this chapter are the simple “What? When? Where? Who? How? Why?” All of these can also be a way to come up with the questions needed for the beginnings of the research and forming your first draft.
     Topic will be “what are the benifits in educating the parents and school age children in health and wellness? I will be pursuing the educating and management of a health and wellness class for adolescent children between the ages of 10-16. I have always been passionate about health and wellness, but more importantly I would love to encourage our younger generation to love children with exercises that are made to be fun Parents also taking educational classes that will have them understand the importance of physical exercise will also benefit the children long term.
Health and Fitness/Wellness – General benifits 
Quality of life – How it can improve the quality of life
Diabetes – Lack of phisical activity can cause health issues 
Mental Health – devoloping mental health 
Prevention – educating on how a healthy lifestyle can prevent adverse health risks 
Bullock, R. & Goggin, M.D. (2019). The Norton Field Guide to Writing w/Readings + Digital Registration Card (5th ed.)