Addressing Needs of the Elderly
Work with the elderly is multifaceted and becoming increasingly important as our aging population increases. Middle-aged adults are finding themselves with difficult decisions related to caring for elderly members of their families, often with the added burdens of health and mobility limitations. In addition, communities face questions regarding how to meet the needs of elderly populations—needs that may include the home delivery of meals, medical care, and transportation.
For this week’s Discussion, you analyze the needs of the elderly in the community where you live to identify social work interventions that could help meet their needs. Consider the cultural backgrounds and other diversity-related characteristics of the elderly population in your community as these inform the types of interventions you select.
With these thoughts in mind:

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Post by Day 4 a description of a need in your community’s elderly population. Then, propose a plan of action regarding how a social work program or intervention could meet this need. (Since this plan of action may be outside your everyday responsibilities as a clinical social worker, assume that your employer agrees that this service is needed and is granting you the time you need to accomplish this task.)Include in your plan of action the goal of the intervention (i.e., what the intervention will accomplish) and three components of the intervention, explaining how they support this goal.