Economic Development

Discussion Assignment 2: 12 pts +2 points for posting comment on at least another cohort’s posting (very brief and combining all three Qs answer together). Also provide proper source of data, citations and references whenever relevant in all of your answers to secure maximum possible credit Q1.  Select 2 developing countries from the same continent (preferably your home country plus another one of your choice) and estimate the following data for 2 different decades for 1990-2000 and 2001 -2010. Note, you may have already selected the countries from your warm up assignment that you may select. 

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GDP growth rate (average) for 2- the two time span)
Population Growth rate (average) for the two same period)
GDP per capita growth rate (average) for the same time period
Briefly explain the GDP per capita comparison between the two countries selected. In your comparison, critically indicate if population growth rate cause a slow or fast economic growth rate per capita.  Also explain if the comparison between population growth rate and GDP per capital the  does indicate any correlation or connection. Why or why not?                                                                               5 pts
Source of Data: IMF or Worldbank.
You may download data base (either entire or country group) from this url:
Q2. For the same two countries, collect the most recent data on HDI and GINI Coefficients and critically analyze if you see any connections between them in terms of economic  development.           2.5 pts
3. Do you think that the industrial capitalism in colonial era was a primary cause for slow pace of economic development of developing nations after their independence? How does your take relate to the dependency path of economic development in post-colonial period of industrial capitalism? Give an example of your country case study.                                                                                                                        2.5 pts