Due Saturday by 4 pm

Part 1. Select a Profession. This week you are being asked to select two career jobs (Domestic Violence and Child Abuse) within the human service profession, keeping in mind that you will compare and contrast these two jobs throughout the course project. In a 1-2 page paper, identify and discuss the two vocations that you have selected. What are your personal reasons or interests for selecting these two careers? Be specific. Give Examples.

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Part 2. Interview. You will need to interview a person who currently works in the human service profession. The professional’s degree does not have to be specifically in Human Services but may be related to the profession e.g. Social Work, Psychology, Counseling etc… He/she must possess a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree. The complete interview will not be due until Module 06, however, now is the time to begin finding a professional to interview. Begin your search this week. You may interview the professional in-person, by phone or by email.
Address the following questions in the interview:

Why did you choose a career in the human service profession? 
Was this your first career choice?
What is your typical work day like? 
What are the benefits of working in this vocation?
What are some of the challenges that accompany working in this field? 
What personal satisfaction to you get from working in the profession?
How do you avoid or mitigate burn-out?

Please use APA format and include references when citing your sources.