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 When reading in the textbook the law that states, “Vehicles are prohibited on the paths in the park” can actually be interpreted multiple ways due to its unclear state. The law can be interpreted in multiple ways because of the use of the word vehicle. A vehicle can be a motorcycle, bicycle, a battery- powered remote control car or a child’s pedal car. A vehicle is any means in or which someone travels, or something is carried or conveyed; a means of conveyance or transport according to “Dictionary.com” (2002). I would interpret the law as prohibiting motorcycles because park paths are usually used by pedestrians as walkways. I imaged that if a motorized vehicle like a motorcycle would put the pedestrians and themselves in a life-threatening situation. Allowing a motorcyclist to drive a motorcycle on a park path would be similar to driving a motorcycle on a side walk. Although, vehicles such as a bicycle, a battery- powered remote control or a child’s pedal car could pose a risk to pedestrians walking the park’s path, I do think the danger they pose is not as life- threatening as a motorcycle being driven on a park path.  

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I think that the law should be rewritten to be more concise to the general public because that message can easily be misconstrued. When I read a law like that I figured the writer was sending that message to the general public as far as people that ride around in SUV’s, trucks, cars and etc. Usually those type of vehicles are not permitted inside of a park. Nor do I see the reason for someone to drive their vehicle in a park. Also, I do agree that motorcycles should be prohibited from park paths because injuries would and could be avoided. However, toy remote cars and children’s pedal cars should not be prohibited from the park because most families access the park to do family activities. As for bikes being allowed in parks a part of me wants to be bias and say yes that they should be prohibited. I say this because as someone that frequents parks in NYC and walk across the Brooklyn bridge, bikers tend to be very aggressive and territorial. If I decide to walk the park on a nice cool day with family or friends I do not want to look over my shoulder every minute to check and see if a biker is riding their bike in my direction. I don’t want to have to move out of their way with each lap that they do nor do I want to be injured if I have my headphones plugged and they end up crashing in to me. There should be a section in the park where bikers can ride their bicycle in peace and others can access another side of the park freely.