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Please use the template file Online_Writing_Assistance. Following the instructions, below,  copy and paste in the URLs of the required number of web sites of the specified type under each of the four headings.

Online Writing Labs–Find three (3). These should be “omnibus” or “full-service” sites which cover all aspects of the writing process—idea generation, composing, revising, grammar, punctuation, and so on.  Use a good search engine. Recommended search terms are: OWL, Purdue, LEO, St Cloud State, Capitol Community College, Gallaudet.

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Grammar Help Sites–Find two (2). Select ones that feel personally comfortable and appropriate to your personal way of approaching questions about grammar. The best of the omnibus sites have excellent grammar sections, so it’s acceptable to include one of those here, but find a second one as well. There are lots of “grammar gurus” out there with their own blogs and web sites.  Use a good search engine. Recommended search terms are: grammar guides, grammar assistance, grammar help, grammar expert

Commonly-Confused/Commonly-Misspelled Word Lists–Find two (2). These deal with word pairs that are frequently misused for each other—our/are, affect/effect, their/there/they’re, than/then, and so on. Select ones that include the words which you frequently misspell or mix up. Recommended search terms are: common spelling errors, confusing words, words commonly confused

Lists of Business Cliches and Inflated Words and Phrases to Avoid– Find three (3). You may not use sites listed in this Module’s Readings & Resources.  Recommended search terms are: business clichés, inflated words, inflated diction

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While you can create this aid in the file format native to your word processing software, I’d recommend doing it in Rich Text Format and keeping a copy on a flash drive, or whatever form of cloud storage you may use. That way, you’ll always have access to a copy on any computer you use.