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A.  Developmental Disability Film/Documentary Review and Reaction Paper (10 points)Students will select and view a film or documentary that depicts the life of an individual with a developmental disability. (Examples of films/documentaries have been provided below; however, if a student wishes to view one that is not on the list, the student should verify the title with the course instructor ahead of time). The students will write a 3 to 5 page paper addressing all of the aspects of the film/documentary listed in the bullet points below. This paper should be double-spaced, with 12 size, Times New Roman font and APA style referencing is required.(See grading rubric for more details)Students should be able to identify the following, while providing examples from the film:1.   Review of the film/documentary:   The disability portrayed   The symptoms experienced and unique needs of the individual with the disability   Challenges faced by the individual   Functional limitations in areas such as self-care, communication, etc.   Negative life experiences as result of the developmental disability    Reactions from community and society   The role of the family and other support systems   Overcoming barriers as a result of the developmental disability   Impact of developmental disability on individual and family functioning   Problems with transitional periods in their lives2.   Application of knowledge and skills (Provide at least two peer-reviewed research articles that will support your ideas to the following questions):If you were the individual(s) case manager/disability consultant, what would be your recommendations?

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HSDD5000 Survey of Developmental DisabilitiesWhat services would you suggest the individual(s) be provided with that would meet his/her specific needs? How can you support the individual(s) to get connected within his/her community?Explain the assessment process in diagnosing the developmental disability portrayed. What would you have done differently?Address any cultural factors in the experience of the individual(s) disability.What kinds of things would have benefited the individual(s) with the developmental disability? What kinds of things would have benefited the individual(s) family? 3.   Reflection/Reaction:Personal reaction to the film/documentary and how the developmental disability was portrayed.How might this film/documentary affect you as a service provider as it relates to the developmental disability?Did you learn anything new about the developmental disability?Examples of films: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape; Mozart and the Whale; Temple Grandin; Molly; I Am Sam; My Left FootExamples of HBO documentaries: Monica and David

Grading Rubric: 0 points1 point2-3 pointsCommentsReview of the film/documentaryDoes not provide information from the film that demonstrates any observation of the film and does not present an explanation or review of the different aspects of the film.Provides some evidence of observation of the film. Not enough details and specific aspects from the film are provided. Provides considerable evidence of observation of the film that is substantiated by details and specific aspects from the film presented in the paper. Also presents a clear explanation or review of the film.
HSDD5000 Survey of Developmental DisabilitiesApplication of course material and peer-reviewed articlesDoes not identify, describe, or propose possible services, recommendations, assessment procedures, or cultural factors involved. Does not support information provided by course materials, such as books and articles. Does not support information with research articles found by the student.Some possible recommendations, services, assessment procedures, and cultural factors are provided. Only one research article is presented by the student to support the information provided.Several possible services, recommendations, assessment procedures and cultural factors were proposed. All were based on the information from the course materials (books, articles, etc.) Each is specifically explained in detail. At least two research articles are presented and utilized to support information provided by the student.Reflection/Reaction to the filmThe paper does not include a personal reaction or reflection to the film section.The paper includes a brief reflection/ reaction section, without much introspection and consideration.The paper includes a well-written personal reflection section describing the student’s reaction to the film.Grammar & APA styleThe paper does not follow APA format; is less than 3 pages in length; has multiple errors in APA format; Writing poorly edited; Awkward construction and/or poor flow of ideas.Some APA errors. Writing shows evidence of self-editing with some construction and/or flow problems.The paper is at least 3 pages; follows APA format; has minimal errors in APA format; Writing is properly edited and reviewed; Good construction and flow of ideas