data and technology assignment

Data can be intimidating and overwhelming in general, especially when dealing with a large or complex dataset. This can be a massive undertaking for any individual in any role across the health system. This video describes how healthcare professionals can find meaning within these mountains of data derived from Healthcare Information Technology.Analyze your use of technology.

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Include the following aspects in the assignment:
Ø  Completing all work for the week to expand your view of data and technology
Ø  Keep a log for two days to document every time you personally use technology and generate data
Ø  Reflect on technology aspects you do not think as such. The list generated should minimally be 10-20 items long
Ø  Consider all types of phones, devices such as baby monitors, remote cameras, door-bell cameras, software such as zoom, hangouts, facetime, home devices such as Siri, all types of social media, emailing, attachments, portals, all work technology, and so on.
Ø  At the end of the journaling summarize your findings. Are you surprised, how, and why? Consider how much big data the 300 million people in the US might generate and how you as a HIM professional might be impacted by that data