culture reality assignment

Review the two picture books that are listed below. These books present cultural reality and authenticity.  Explain what elements or features in the book capture cultural reality.

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Does the book accurately poetry diversity?
Are dialects presented realistic, consistent, and appropriate?
Is the book biased and out-of-date?
What attitudes are encouraged?
Are photographs and illustrations stereotyped?
Are diverse individuals shown in a variety of roles, including positions of authority?
Use these questions to help you formulate (2) paragraphs (5-7 sentences each paragraph) about each book. Explain what elements in the book captured cultural reality and your opinions and feelings about the books? Some of the questions above may not be appropriate for each book. 
Grading Criteria
The assignment is graded on a 100 point scale.
Maximum points are given when:
First paragraph contains your analysis of each book referencing the questions listed are fully developed and explained.(15 points each book)
Second paragraph contains your thoughts, views, and opinions about each book. (15 points each book)
Points deducted for spelling and grammar. (3 points each book)
Rawles, C. (2010). Same Difference. Houston, TX: Book Surge

DePaola, T. (1996). Strega Nona, New York: Scholastic