Cultural Competency and the Practice of Public Administration


In assessing cultural competency in a public agency, what specific parts of an agency need to be examined and why?
Identify and present an example of a practice used by a government agency that reflects an example of a culturally competent organization.

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Course Description and Purpose
This course explores the pressing contemporary issue of the relationship between government and minorities. Examines the clash between established institutional values and minority group values, and surveys remedial programs aimed at dealing with the problem. Comparative case studies will be used to analyze public agencies’ internal relations with minorities (recruiting, selection, etc.), as well as their different responses to the minority groups they serve.
Course Objectives
Students will be able to do the following:

assess the current status of government and minority group relations;
assess the current status of local government initiatives targeting minority group empowerment;
identify and review domestic and international policy initiatives targeting minority groups;
explore, analyze, and critique current research that examines government and minority group relations;
explore the current implementation and status of government diversity initiatives;
identify and discuss major authors and theoretical approaches relevant to government and minority group relations;
have read the assigned reading material to offer an informed critique and to evaluate the information, ideas, and philosophies that are presented; and
develop and practice critical thinking, subject content knowledge, writing skills, and communication skills in the area of government and minority group relations.