Change Initiative Paper Details:The change initiative paper due on Saturday this Weekend is to be based on a personal change experience. Think of a meaningful change you were involved in as a leader, follower, or observer. You will assess this change and reflect on it by incorporating your personal experiences along with concepts covered in this course (any areas connected to our change puzzle). As you think about concepts to include, do not feel obligated to incorporate every topic we discuss (or plan to cover) within your paper. Hone in on the areas that are most relevant to your experiences and provide in-depth background on the concepts and how they relate to the change you are detailing. This assignment will serve as the foundation for the  10-12 page paper due at the end of Week 15.
For this Weekend Draft Paper submission: You should use fully developed paragraphs and include supporting references related to course concepts and your personal change initiative (where appropriate). The paper should be formatted following APA 7 professional style guidelines, including a title page, proper spacing and headings, citations, and references. An abstract is optional for this submission. Your final product should have at a minimum, five paragraphs providing thorough assessment and reflection. 
Describe your change initiative (Minimum of one page)Provide an overview of the change initiative by addressing, at minimum, the following areas.

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Geographic setting (include information about where the institution or organization is located, its culture, and demographic characteristics)
The organizational mission
What prompted the change initiative(s)?
Who initiated the change?
What was the goal of the change?

Course Topics (Minimum of one page and minimum of one paragraph per topic)

Assess at least three topics covered in this course and relate them to your change initiative.
It is not necessary to include every course topic in your paper–only those that are most relevant.

Conclusion (Minimum of one paragraph)

Summarize the initiative and reflect on the outcomes, both positive and negative.
If you are reflecting on a current initiative, reflect on the current status and your predictions.

Change Initiative Presentation
Assignment Details: Your presentation should align with the Draft Change Initiative Paper you submit by Saturday and include at a minimum, six slides (excluding cover and references slides). The file you submit must be in Microsoft PowerPoint format and include audio recordings on each slide, providing narrative to go along with your presentation. 
Scoring Breakdown (50 points total): 

Identification and description of key points related to the change initiative and related course concepts (0-15 points)

Clearly describe the change initiative you were (or are currently) involved with.
Make distinct connections to concepts covered (or to be covered) in our course.

Depth of analysis (0-15 points)

Specifics related to the change initiative should be analyzed.
Analysis should have significant depth – this should not be high-level, or surface-based.

Writing and presentation clarity (0-10 points)
Effective use of at least 3 outside sources (0-10 points)