Consumer Behavior Presentation DP

Determine a new market for an existing product and submit your concept in the form of a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.
You will first need to select a product on which to base your presentation. You may wish to view the Choosing a Product – Topic Selection Capella multimedia presentation linked in the Resources for information on how to choose a product to use in your presentation.
Once you have selected a product, create a presentation that completes the following:

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Describe the product or service you selected.
Examine and describe the market segmentation information. This includes the demographics and psychographics of the existing customers for this product.
Assess ways the product would have to be adapted to meet the needs of the new customers.
Describe the demographic profile of the new customers.
Describe the new market segment you plan to reach.
Develop a strategy for pricing this item to attract this new clientele.

Your presentation should comply with the following format and style requirements. Tutorials for using Microsoft PowerPoint are available in the Supplemental Resources in the left navigation menu.
Length: 15 to 20 PowerPoint slides. Style: The text portion of the presentation must follow APA guidelines. These style guidelines do not necessarily apply to charts, diagrams, or tables. Writing and Grammar: Make certain that all project components are professionally written and free of grammar and spelling errors. References: You must use proper APA style and formatting when citing and creating references for your sources. Include a complete list of references, including books, Web sites, articles, and other resources. Submissions: Use Microsoft PowerPoint.