Clinical Field Experience C: Identifying Student Challenges

Identifying academic challenges in the English language arts classroom is vital in addressing students’ specific needs to help them continue to flourish. By observing students learning and then reflecting upon individual struggles, teachers are better equipped to adjust their instruction to encourage positive academic growth.
In collaboration with your mentor, identify a student or small group of students who would benefit from differentiation or intervention during an upcoming ELA lesson or activity.
Observe the student/s during an ELA lesson. Identify the areas of reading, writing, listening, or speaking where the student/s seem to struggle.

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Following your observation, discuss your conclusions with your mentor teacher. Discuss learning goals you would set for the student/s and share strategies, accommodations, resources, and materials you feel would benefit the student/s.
In 250-500 words, summarize and reflect upon your experiences, including the following:
Describe the areas in which you observed the student/s struggle.
What were the learning goals the mentor agreed were appropriate for the student/s?
What differentiation strategies, accommodations, resources, and materials did you share with the mentor teacher? Did the mentor agree that these were appropriate? Explain.
How will you apply what you have learned to personal professional practices related to identifying student challenges?